Thursday, September 26, 2013

Check Out the Buzz! Tallent & Lowery Series Continues to Soar!

Not since Dan Brown has THIS been THIS good!!!

"Lignor skillfully weaves famous historical figures, Christianity, and secret societies into this fast-paced quest keeping you RIVETED. She lends enough historically accurate facts to make the story feel authentic. I love how well researched Lignor’s books are, and found myself using Google to find characters, places and events. 

She has this amazing gift for making the reader inquisitive!

If you love mystery and quests Sapphire Storm provides an excellent adventure. The adventures of Tallent & Lowery are ones I will continue to enjoy and I am looking forward to their next quest!

The NEXT QUEST Beings October 22nd From Suspense Magazine!

THE HERO's Companion!

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