Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tallent & Lowery Book #4 ARRIVES TODAY!!!!

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The Charlatan’s Crown
Book 4: Tallent & Lowery Series
By Amy Lignor
Digital and Print Release ($4.99/$12.99) ž May 27, 2014

“Amy Lignor’s Tallent & Lowery team is RIVETING!”
—International Bestseller, M.J. Rose

From defeating the worst of mankind to solving puzzles that have eluded others for centuries, Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery must now follow a new trail in order to stop a madman from resurrecting a mighty Reich.
In “13,” the duo walked into the self-appointed Devil’s home on the shores of Loch Ness. There, they met up with a hideous quartet waiting for the moment they could unleash their vengeance and take back what was rightfully theirs.
Although dead men supposedly tell no tales, Leah and Gareth continue to follow the clues left behind by these powerbrokers from Hell, and now they will enter an infamous castle to meet the ancestors of a beast who thrived on a reign of hate and terror.
Emotions run high as the brave couple head to a place known for producing pain and agony since time began, and explore a location that has once again fallen into the hands of the most hated men on earth.
Fighting for their lives from deep inside a labyrinth, they’ll stand atop a stage where an angel of death spoke to the masses, and climb to an ‘Eagle’s Nest’ to come face-to-face with a new enigma; a master puppeteer who’s pulling the strings on a monumental scheme they never saw coming.
As their own inevitable ending draws near, Leah and Gareth will fight for an unknown crown, battling a charlatan with the weapons only a hero’s companion could own . . . while dealing with the ultimate shock that loved ones can rise from the grave.

“Get ready for another fantastic roller coaster ride of fun and adventure from the series that just keeps getting better and better!”
—The Feathered Quill

As the daughter of a career librarian Amy grew up loving books; ‘Patience & Fortitude’ at the NYPL are still her heroes. Beginning in the genre of historical romance with, “The Heart of a Legend,” Amy moved into the YA world where her first team from The Angel Chronicles became a beloved hit. Moving into the action/adventure world with Tallent & Lowery, Amy has created a new, incredibly suspenseful, team that has once again exploded with readers everywhere. Born in Connecticut, Amy is now living in the bright sunshine of Roswell, NM, delving into her next adventure.
To learn more about Amy Lignor, check out her website at http://tallentandlowery.blogspot.com.

“Amy Lignor’s stellar Tallent & Lowery series gets an adrenaline-charged boost with “The Charlatan’s Crown.” Her latest ups the ante in this continuing battle of good versus evil, adding a creepy Stephen King-like feel to the desperate quest of these two supremely appealing heroes who are all that stand between us and conquest by unimaginably dark forces. The latest and greatest in the best horror series being written today, as scary as it is scintillating.”

—Jon Land, bestselling author of “The Tenth Circle


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